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Multilingual Call Center Support - St. Paul MN

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Build a global presence

Our USA based contact center helps Dialog One’s customer’s clients receive culturally appropriate services through culturally specific languages inbound and outbound campaigns. We help our customers with your short or long term multilingual campaigns; Dialog One is able to customize any campaign to meet our customer’s specific business outcomes, all the way from customer support, employee surveys and many important applications. Our temporary staffing services allow us to lease our bilingual talent to your center as well as bringing remote bilingual agents into your campaigns.

Professional bilingual call center agents in over 150 languages

  • $45/hour in person - Average cost for most common languages.
  • Accredited and trained bilingual agents, free script translation included.

The Dialog One Difference

Competitive Pricing  Competitive Pricing - $45/hour in person – Average cost for some languages.

Fast Turnaround  Fast Turnaround - Bilingual Agents, fast turnaround for most languages.

Highest  Highest Quality - Certified linguistic resources with culturally appropriate context.

Innovative Technology  Innovative Technology - We use technology to deliver effortless/time sensitive communication.

Build Great Relationships with Emerging Markets:

Inbound Call Center Services Whether you need multilingual support for a specific campaign or long-term, Dialog One allows you to serve all of your customers seamlessly with onsite or offsite bilingual agents in the languages you need.

Outbound Call Center Services From customer service to telemarketing, Dialog One supports any type of business to be “heard” around the world.

Custom Call Center Services Dialog One collaborates with our customer to create the right solution, including multiple language needs, scalability, and special requests.

Industry Specializations

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Government

  • Business

  • (651) 379-8600

    Customer Testimonials

    • Dialog One interpreters are well prepared for medical interpretation. They have learned what we need from our patients. Not every service has much medical training.

      ---- Margaret
    • I highly recommend this organization and personally commend Roberto Fonts, the Founder and CEO

      ---- Ann Marie
    • We found Ana very qualified to handle the tasks of the English – Portuguese interpretation for our week-long audit with the Brazilian regulatory authority.

      ---- Satisfied Customer