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Check Dialects When Choosing a Spanish Interpreter

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Check Dialects When Choosing a Spanish Interpreter
When choosing an interpreter from your language to Spanish or vice versa, be sure to match the dialect they speak with the country you are most interested in. There are 21 countries in the world where Spanish is the official language, with more than 200 million people speaking it. But the Spanish spoken in Argentina is not the same as that spoken in Mexico. Each country has its own history and language influence from native peoples and immigrants.
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  • Dialog One interpreters are well prepared for medical interpretation. They have learned what we need from our patients. Not every service has much medical training.

    ---- Margaret
  • I highly recommend this organization and personally commend Roberto Fonts, the Founder and CEO

    ---- Ann Marie
  • We found Ana very qualified to handle the tasks of the English – Portuguese interpretation for our week-long audit with the Brazilian regulatory authority.

    ---- Satisfied Customer