Friday, October 20, 2017

Text Message Translation

Fast, effective communication!

Text Translation ServicesTwo way Message Translator (TMT) allows people to communicate with others who speak a language different than English either via voice mail or short text translation. You and your clients can effortlessly engage in multilingual voice or text messaging. Messages are delivered within minutes in the selected language. TMT service is the perfect product to use for setting, confirming & canceling appointments, notifications, fulfilling eligibility requirements, or communicating any message quickly.

The Dialog One Difference

Competitive Pricing  Competitive Pricing - $35/Page or $0.20/Word for common languages.

Fast Translations  Fast Translations - Reduce project management time by detecting site content readiness.

Highest  Highest Quality - Certified linguistic resources with culturally appropriate context.

Innovative Technology  Innovative Technology - To reduce development time/costs for website translations.  

Industry Specializations

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Government

  • Business

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    Customer Testimonials

    • Dialog One interpreters are well prepared for medical interpretation. They have learned what we need from our patients. Not every service has much medical training.

      ---- Margaret
    • I highly recommend this organization and personally commend Roberto Fonts, the Founder and CEO

      ---- Ann Marie
    • We found Ana very qualified to handle the tasks of the English – Portuguese interpretation for our week-long audit with the Brazilian regulatory authority.

      ---- Satisfied Customer