On-demand human interpreters

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Affordable Pricing

0.89- 2.00/per min will give you access to over 200 languages with thousands of available interpreters 24 hours service seven days a week.


Familiarity with over 25 industries including legal, health and education so we can meet your specific needs

Human Centered

Gives you instant access to over 3000 professional accredited interpreters on-demand, supporting over 200 languages


These are the features 

Fast & Simple

Avoid the hassle of last-minute and expensive meetings in-person through DOVI.


Get in contact with your interpreter just by making a regular call

Phone & Video

Remote access to interpreter services on-demand over the phone & face to face video

Instant Support

Receive instant, friendly support service for issues with your technology and more.

200+ Languages

Start communicating in one of our 200+ languages today

Data Security & Privacy

Ensures maximum security, privacy, and confidence across all of your immediate and future calls.
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How Does It Work

1. Signup for free

Simply create an account to get started.

2. Select your subscription plan

Once you have registered to DOVI, you can select between the plans available

3. Connect with your interpreter

Select the type of modality you want, select the language and press on call to connect with your interpreter.

Do you want to be heard?

If you already have your subscription account, you’re ready to access your on-demand interpreter. Download and open the phone app to connect with your interpreter and start sharing over the phone or video right now.

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