Phone and Video Interpreters

offer over the phone and video remote access to interpreter services.


  • Over 150 languages with thousands of available interpreters
  • Service accessible from desktop, laptop, cell phones, tablets, and landline phones
  • Download the mobile app
  • On-demand over the phone and video remote interpreters 
  • Vetted and accredited interpreters for best results
  • 24-hour service (depending on language)
  • Quick dial (no need for PIN# or language code)
  • Full access to invoice information (to the minute)
  • Unified mobile platform to manage interpreter services requests
  • Cancel your service at any time
  • Interpreter quality through our 5-star rating system


  • Standard rate $2.00 per minutes

Per minute charge for major languages. See language library for more details

*Additional $ 1. 50 charges per minute may apply to exotic language (s) requested outside of USA regular business hours. Contact your sales representative for more info on our volume discounts. Call 877-300-5326