Fundamentals of Notetaking

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Interpreting between two languages is a complex process. It involves continuously using your short-term memory and note-taking skills to jot down crucial information that you are expected to interpret accurately and completely. As professional interpreters, we consciously listen, process, store, and retrieve information in both languages. Having an excellent note-taking system is essential, whether you do the interpretation over the phone, video remote, or face to face.

Fundamentals of Notetaking for Consecutive/Simultaneous Interpreters is a comprehensive and practical course designed for interpreters, trainers, or anyone interested in improving their note-taking skills and techniques.


During this live webinar, you will learn about:
-Debunking myths and misconceptions about notetaking
-Common pitfalls when taking notes.
-Setting up the tone for effective notetaking
-Effective Listening
-Understanding the message structure
-Short vs. long term memory
-Memory processing, storage, and retrieval
-Coordination of Listening and Note-taking
-Chunking techniques in notetaking
-The 7 Fundamental Rules of Notetaking
-Presentation and delivery of information
-Note-taking techniques for Video Remote Interpreter

The course also includes professional recordings based on an incremental approach to help candidates develop their note-taking system at their own pace.

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Program Cost

The cost per participant is $250 per person. The participant gets fully registered with a 50 % down payment, followed by four (4) easy payments of $30.00 each. Corporations pay $2,500, the total price for a minimum of 10 participants.



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