Empowered by Listening
By Ginna Grussing, Dialog One Training and Development Manager

Each of us has been misunderstood. We say one thing, someone hears another. We direct a person to do one thing, she ends up doing something else. It’s frustrating, frequent, and becomes particularly acute in cross-cultural communication.


At Dialog One, we believe these misunderstandings occur because people are not necessarily listening to what’s actually being said. That’s not surprising. After all, who among us has actually been taught this essential skill?


We are proud to say that all our interpreters and translators have the opportunity to participate in our unique, core training program, Empowered by Listening. It’s a fundamental communication course that teaches us how to listen and speak intentionally; communicate responsibly and accurately, honor people and their word, and create workability in our lives and organizations.

After participating in this course, Dialog One interpreters and translators and service providers are accredited listeners. This commitment to professional standards distinguishes Dialog One as the leader in cultural mediation services.

Think learning to listen will help your organization, too? Please call me, Ginna Grussing, to learn more about bringing Empowered by Listening to your workplace: 877-300-5326 or 651-379-8600. Or email me at ggrussing@dialog-one.com.