Most of the companies are using answering services to increase sales and to enhance their businesses after understanding the benefits of the contact services. To serve the needs of the customer, the call service providers should know the language of the customer. If service providers cannot understand the language of the customers, then customers feel that their problems cannot be solved using such services. The customer feels very much dejected, when he cannot express his requirements.

According to the requirements of the customer, the business strategies have to be changed. Companies and organizations are forced to use bilingual services because of the rise in Hispanic customers. Most of the call centers ensure to take bilingual agents who have knowledge in Spanish and English. Multilingual agents are also employed to speak French so that they can serve French speaking customers. Bilingual call center agents are paid more and because of this most of them are trying to learn new languages. Learning a new language is a bit challenging.

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Spanish inbound and outbound telemarketing services are increased due to the increase in the Spanish speaking population in the US. The organization sales and communication in the Hispanic community can be taken care of by the Hispanic direct marketing services. Hispanic direct marketing services consists of trouble shooting services, internet sales, helpdesk services, inquiry services, customer services and order entry services etc.

Outsourcing of answering services to multilingual call centers is another trend in the market. It meets the requirements of the markets which include non-English speaking customers from countries like Japan, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Italy and France. Most of the non-English speaking countries like Poland, Slovenia, and Czech Republic etc have joined this revolution because of the internet boom. Internet boom also led to the demand of European call centers that operates in French, Spanish, German, Scandinavian and east European languages. There is a demand of bilingual and multilingual call centers in US also because of the increase in the population speaking various languages mainly Spanish. This increase in the bilingual and multilingual call centers is to cater the needs of customers from that segment of population.

Bilingual transcription service is another bilingual service which is getting popular. If you want to transcribe audio and video files in to various languages, you can use bilingual transcription service. Bilingual transcription services use highly trained linguists who are experts in conversions and transcriptions of different languages. Multilingual transcription services use more than six languages of the world. So in order to expand your customer base throughout the world, you have to use bilingual services mentioned above.


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