Videos are used for three main things: Entertainment (personal and professional), to market or explain a product, to promote a belief or way of living. If you want a video to reach a wide audience, you must use a language expert to help spread the word. Here is why.

The overall purpose for all videos is to affect a viewer’s life – to show them something new that can bring pleasure or be useful in improving daily living. Because it’s something different, your biggest impact as a video producer will be on viewers from other cultures and local subcultures. Most of the time those viewers will speak a different language.

Entertainment Videos

Personal videos share stories about the creator, their pets, or the places they’ve been. Most of the time these will be shared with family and won’t need translation into another language – at least not one the speaker doesn’t already know.

Professional entertainment videos, on the other hand, are expected to be shared outside of the family. They include choral and orchestral concerts, stage shows, movies or films, and sports events. Some of the best operas are videotaped live, sung in the native language (e.g. Italian, German, English) then dubbed in the home language. The music itself is inspiring, but even more so when viewers know what the singers are saying.

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos include promotional and instructional videos of products and services. A small manufacturer might sell specialty humidors for storing Cuban cigars. His video shows how to maintain a humidor to keep the tobacco dry. If his message is delivered in English, he’ll want to dub it or produce another such video in Spanish.

When a company sells products that need instructional demos to show how to use them, those demos can be filmed in many different languages to accommodate the countries to which that company ships product. Customers will appreciate the effort and spread the word.

Promotional Videos

International nonprofits such as Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, The World Wildlife Fund, and others find it beneficial to create videos about their activities for members in other countries. So do the United Nations’ many adjunct groups (like UNDP). This lets members and interested parties worldwide know what their membership is accomplishing, and also helps draw new members.

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