Providing Communication
on a Whole New Level

Dialog One supports professional service providers and their language proficiency customers, with other services for the hearing, speech and visually impaired clientele. Our technology allows us to offer services over the phone, video remote, in person, written translation, website localization, and other custom communications. We work on a project-to-project basis as well as on-demand, or through scheduled sessions.

JOIN DIALOG ONE : Dialog One is committed to delivering the very best cross cultural communication services to meet our client’s needs. We always look for highly skilled professionals and reliable freelance translators, interpreters, cultural mediators, sales/marketing professionals, desktop publishers, webmaster with foreign language skills to help us meet our client’s globalization strategies.

Review Our Minimum Qualifications:

  • Are you registered as a business in the United States? (For USA Only)
  • Do you carry professional liability insurance in your practice?
  • Do you have some college education?
  • Do you have a minimum of 2 years of experience as interpreter/translator?
  • Do you have any certification or accreditation as a professional interpreter?
  • Do you believe to have excellent verbal and written skills in both languages?
  • Are you fluent in both native and acquired languages and cultures?
  • Are you willing to take Proficiency Assessment and vocabulary test?
  • Are you willing to perform a criminal background check on you when required?
  • Are you willing to comply with a random drug test?
  • Are you aware of the code of conduct for interpreters and translators?
  • Are you able to provide two (2) letters of recommendation?

If you answer yes to 60% or more of these questions, please make sure you have the following information at hand.

  • Date of Certification Expiration
  • Biography: Max 100 words
  • Photo ID: Passport size headshot
  • Resume: Word or PDF
  • 2 letters of recommendation from current or past agencies
  • Availability schedule: Days of the week, time available

Background Check.

  • A link to the background check company will be provided at a later time.
  • For USA only agents, please make sure you complete the IRS W-9 form when required:
  • Fax or secure method of email to return the document

Code of Ethics.
Read and click acknowledgement of our code of ethics

Acknowledgement of random drug testing:
When required by Dialog One you will be requested to sign and acknowledge the authorization form. This will allow us to perform the required random drug screening for some of our clients’ contracts

Please read and click acknowledgement to our Non-Disclosure Agreement

Contractor Service Agreement:
Review and click acknowledgement to the payment terms and contract stipulations

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and Training:
Click on the radio button to acknowledge that HIPPA compliance training has been completed. An area to upload certificate of HIPPA compliance is provided. If the training is not completed, we provide a link to HIPPA Compliance site for you to complete the training. Once done, you must upload and click acknowledgement.


You will receive an orientation right after the vetting process is complete. After completing the orientation you will be ready to begin the collaboration agreement.