Providing Communication
on a Whole New Level

Dialog One supports professional service providers and their language proficiency customers, with other services for the hearing, speech and visually impaired clientele. Our technology allows us to offer services over the phone, video remote, in person, written translation, website localization, and other custom communications. We work on a project-to-project basis as well as on-demand, or through scheduled sessions.

Incorporated June 16, 2000 in the state of Minnesota, Dialog One, LLC began by providing professional translation and interpretation services in over 150 + languages. We bring over 20 years of experience in managing translation projects in the medical, legal, human services, public schools, contact centers, IT professionals and other sectors. Our focus has been to translate and interpret the social and technical aspects of these conversations.

We are a committed and passionate network of business leaders for the practical utilization of professional translators, interpreters and cultural mediators. We partner with leaders from corporate businesses, non-profit, government and ordinary consumers to receive impactful global language communication that forwards the conversations.

Dialog One’s service model: Innovative, expeditious and precise world language solution

  • Innovative – Creative use of technology for worldwide conversations
  • Expeditious – Fast and efficient service, providing the right people for your project
  • Precise – Accurate translation and interpretation support, nothing added or withheld

Every on demand and scheduled service event uses accredited live native-language speakers to capture exactly what is said, accurately and within context. Automatic interpretation is limited in both vocabulary and cultural context so it cannot and will not replace human interpreters in diplomatic, medical, legal, and business conversations throughout the world; in some settings, live cultural mediation can mean the difference between life and death.

Data security and protecting your intellectual property are critical to your business. Our cultural mediation services are widely used in areas where confidentiality is a must, such as call centers, medical, legal, international business, community services, and more. We are primarily serving larger clients were confidentiality agreements are signed prior to executing services. We monitor our HIPAA and/or PCI compliance as required by our customers.

Our personalized solutions remove language barriers so you do what you do best—satisfy your customers. In addition to passing rigorous background and drug screenings, competency testing, and a State- and Federally-recognized apprenticeship program, Agents participate in ongoing training in both language skills and interpersonal communications, plus all agents and staff complete our unique Empowered By Listening™ 10 weeks seminar.


We are a language service provider whose mission is to empower people and organizations to communicate effectively with those who speak a different language.


Our vision is that all people are listened to, valued and honored through clear and precise communication.


Integrity: Relating to people through honoring our words and actions.

Responsibility: Being at the source of our work and the expectation of our customers.

Service: The profound honor and privilege of being of service to others.


“Dialog” comes from the Greek word “Dialogos”. The Greeks used this term to describe the philosophical discussions that occurred between Socrates and Plato. These philosophers considered meaningful dialog to be an ideal or something not easily attainable. They understood that dialog requires ideas to be communicated in a format clearly understood by others. It is often said that “dialog” is the “glue” or “cement” that holds people and societies together. Historically, meaningful dialog occurred whenever people used a common language to communicate their thoughts and ideas. The word “one” describes itself as the synergy that is presented within all things, it also means “many in body, one in mind.” This word represents the unity required to deploy value and harmony for each respective community in our society. Not only does the company name describe our “one” humanistic principal to communication when providing services to our customers, but it also makes a clear distinction of our “one” purposes to serve everyone in our human family.

Integrity: Dialog One’s relationship to “integrity” is the foundation of the business. Integrity for us is represented by the way we are rather than morality that focuses on trying on doing the right things.

We bring workability to every aspect of our business. We start with our agents, telecom vendor, internet services providers, software developers, project managers, computer hardware, colocations, firewalls, PC working under operating system with virus free networks and protected from hacker attack, working stations operating under Windows 7 or higher with up to date virus protection. Call Center management policies that support agents to follow protocol.

Experience: We have performed and managed though sands of document translations projects, interpretation sessions and numerous bilingual call center projects over the past 17 years. Our team has managed every type of campaign that there is and is able to leverage the experience to maximize the success of our customer’s projects.

Value: We offer two important domains of cost reduction to your company, value and cost savings. The intrinsic quality of our service can reduce operating costs to your company. The savings come through:

  • Well educated and with minimum of 2 years of experience
  • Fluent in 3 to 6 languages
  • Culturally competent within the European/Asian markets
  • Native and near native speaker of the target languages
  • Reliable agents well verse in the use of technology
  • Call center technology for quick turnaround for all projects
  • Services for the European/Asian markets
  • Transparency and clear communication


Roberto D. Fonts
Dialog One’s Founder and CEO

Amber S. Fonts
Global Human Resources Director

Anthony Campos
Business Development Consultant

Cesar Berra
Call Center Operations Director

Ginna L. Grussing
Director of Training and Development

Mark Pipkorn
Information Technology/Business Process Consultant

Peter Chamberlain
Project and Customer Experience Manager

Steve Callender
Strategic Planning and Process Mapping


Dialog One’s Founder and CEO
Roberto Fonts, the Founder and CEO of Dialog One, has over 20 years of executive experience in managing cross cultural communication services. Roberto’s received his B.A. in International Trade and Commerce from Anoka Technical Institute, his career started in 1983 as a Spanish < > English Interpreter/Translator. His work focused on delivering cultural mediation services to professional service providers and their limited English proficiency clients. As a language service provider, Roberto leads a team that specializes in delivering translation and interpreter services to medical, legal, technical and human service professions. Roberto’s leadership demands high expectations from Dialog One’s management team. His commitment to deliver worldwide communication makes it possible for Dialog One’s staff to be innovative, expeditious and precise while delivering services to Dialog One’s customers.

Information Technology/Business Process Consultant (Board Member)
Mark G. Pipkorn experience goes from software development to project management and hardware design for production. Mark received his education from BSEE-Valparaiso University of Minnesota and his working experience comes from working directly with NCR, AT&T as well as Wells Fargo Bank, United Heath and other fortune 500 companies. Mark is now in a 3 year old ongoing role at Dialog One leading the information technology (IT) programs in developing data systems for delivering translation and interpretation services, automating the estimate, quotation and ordering processes, agent management, order fulfillment, and invoicing. Mark, continues to provide ongoing consultation support on processes, services, structure and the integration of technology for the future growth.

Director of Training and Development
Ms. Grussing currently coordinates and manages the area of Educational Development for Dialog One’s bilingual agent network. Her background is in language education, she earned her M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and further study in ESL and Linguistics from the University of St Thomas. She has worked with all ages of new immigrants in the community, and was the recipient of the Volunteer of the year award from the Minnesota Literacy Council and the Golden Apple Award from Richfield Public Schools. Grussing has spent the last 7 years exploring communication and empowering others to explore themselves as powerful listener.

Call Center Operations Director
Cesar currently manages Dialog One’s global call center area and supports our HR department to recruitment and training our bilingual agent network. His background in language and cultural communication allows him to have deep understanding of to work at hand. Cesar earned his B.A. in Marketing from ENP in Mexico City. He has worked and managed multiple sites while working at Carlson Companies, TCF, 3M and many others large and small global companies. He has completed many certifications such as: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Leader’s Edge program, The Four Roles of Leadership and Competent Toastmaster. Mr. Berra is an accomplished Call Center expert with 20 + years of experience and proven skills in both inbound and outbound methodologies. He continues his education to empower others to lead the organization effectively.

Business Development Consultant
Anthony Campos, Business Development Manager of Dialog One brings far more than 12 years of experience, working for Fortune 500 organizations in a B2B and B2C capacity. He brings enthusiasm, professionalism, warmth and a mindset of service and advocacy to his work. Anthony’s focus is to build awareness about Dialog One’s unique capabilities among prospective clients and develop and maintain relationships with current and past clients. Anthony is a stand for the company’s vision to ensure every voice is heard.

Global Human Resources Director
Amber Fonts, Global Human Resoures Director at Dialog One, is an accomplished HR professional working in the field since 2008. Amber received her BA in International Business from California State University, Fullerton and also spent a year in Madrid attending Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Amber is responsible for implementing human resource strategies that enable Dialog One to perform at a high level while maintaining a motivated workforce. Amber is working towards certification through the Human Resource Certification Institue for her Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification (SPHR).

Project and Customer Experience Manager
Mr. Chamberlain is currently focusing on managing projects and holding the space for Dialog One’s customers to have a positive experience while accessing our services. His background in digital marketing communications allows him to educate others on participating/accessing our services. His extensive skill as a digital media coordinator allows him to promote Dialog One’s services to current/potential customers. Peter received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Communication from the University of Wisconsin River-Falls. While continuing his education through Land-Mark Education programs he has been able to transform how the world occurs for him to allow others exist in the mutuality of each conversation. Mr. Chamberlain is an accomplished Project Manager with 2 + years of experience and proven personal skills.

Strategic Planning and Process Mapping
Steve Callender, Strategic planning and process mapping advisor at Dialog One. He brings 30 years’ experience in corporate leadership coaching, instructional design, process improvement, and organizational development. Steve role is to capture business service processes to create high level performance in align our custom software development efforts. He received his BS, Spanish, Davidson College, MS, and Adult Education from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg VA. Steve has gotten his certification from Kaizen, a Continuous Process Improvement, Total Quality Institute.