Friday, October 20, 2017


Our History

Incorporated June 16, 2000 in the state of Minnesota, Dialog One, LLC began by providing professional translation and interpretation services in over 150 + languages. We bring deep translation experience in the medical, legal, human services, Public Schools, Contact Centers, IT professionals and other sectors. Our focus has been to translate and interpret the social and technical aspects of these conversations.

Our Approach

We are a committed and passionate network of business leaders for the practical utilization of professional translators, interpreters and cultural mediators. We partner with leaders from corporate businesses, non-profit, government and ordinary consumers to receive impactful global language communication that forwards the conversations.

Dialog One's Difference: Innovative, expeditious and precise world language solution
* Innovative -     Creative use of technology for worldwide conversations
* Expeditious -   Fast and efficient service, providing the right people for your project
* Precise -          Accurate translation and interpretation support, nothing added or withheld

Live Native Speakers

Every on demand and scheduled service event uses accredited live native-language speakers to capture exactly what is said, accurately and within context. Automatic interpretation is limited in both vocabulary and cultural context so it cannot and will not replace human interpreters in diplomatic, medical, legal, and business conversations throughout the world; in some settings, live cultural mediation can mean the difference between life and death.

Secure and Confidential

Data security and protecting your intellectual property are critical to your business. Our cultural mediation services are widely used in areas where confidentiality is a must, such as call centers, medical, legal, international business, community services, and more. We are primarily serving larger clients were confidentiality agreements are signed prior to executing services. We monitor our HIPAA and/or PCI compliance as required by each of our customers

Highest Quality

Our personalized solutions remove language barriers so you do what you do best—satisfy your customers. In addition to passing rigorous background and drug screenings, competency testing, and a State- and Federally-recognized apprenticeship program, Agents participate in ongoing training in both language skills and interpersonal communications, plus all agents and staff complete our unique Empowered By Listening™ 10 weeks seminar.

Industry Specializations

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Government

  • Business

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    Our Name

    Dialog comes from the Greek word dialogos, a term to describe the philosophical discussions that occurred between Socrates and Plato. These philosophers considered meaningful dialog to be an ideal or something not easily attainable, but they understood that dialog requires ideas to be communicated in a format clearly understood by others. It is often said that dialogue is the “glue” or “cement” that holds people and societies together. Historically, meaningful dialog occurred whenever people used a common language to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

    The word one describes itself as the synergy that is present within all things, it also means “many in body, one in mind.” One represents the unity required to deploy value and harmony for each respective person and community in our society. Dialog One describes both our commitment to understanding and our belief that we are all one Human Family. 

    Customer Testimonials

    • Dialog One interpreters are well prepared for medical interpretation. They have learned what we need from our patients. Not every service has much medical training.

      ---- Margaret
    • I highly recommend this organization and personally commend Roberto Fonts, the Founder and CEO

      ---- Ann Marie
    • We found Ana very qualified to handle the tasks of the English – Portuguese interpretation for our week-long audit with the Brazilian regulatory authority.

      ---- Satisfied Customer

    Our Mission

    Our Mission.

    We are a language service provider whose mission is to empower people and organizations to communicate effectively with those who speak a different language.

    Our Vision.

    Our vision is that all people are listened to, valued and honored through clear and precise communication.

    Our Values.

    Integrity: Relating to people through honoring our words and actions.

    Responsibility: Being at the source of our work and the expectation of our customers.

    Service: The profound honor and privilege of being of service to others.