The Dialog One Academy started in 2005 when Roberto D. Fonts, CEO of Dialog One, LLC, invited Ginna Grussing and Ventura F. Castillo to be part of a group which would facilitate a weekly discussion on language, culture, and its impact on communication. While remaining tightly focused on empowering people through conversations, over the last 16 years it has expanded into a broader professional development group, integrating various theories and expanding language specializations and service modalities.


Today the Dialog One Academy is an educational and informational forum of experienced professionals who stand ready to support community interpreters throughout the United States as well as our language service partners by developing professional interpretation and translators skills.

The Academy works to deliver professional programs for those interpreters who want to develop a sustainable career as community interpreters in the medical, legal, and human service professions. The goal is to give interpreters the linguistic and cultural skills to bridge the separation between English speaking service providers and their English language learners’ clients.


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