Professional Community Interpreting

Program Description

This program is designed for qualified bilingual students who wish to develop professional interpreting skills. Ideal candidates are those who have a post-secondary education and wish to provide ethical, accurate, and culturally competent service in a variety of settings.

Objectives Upon completion of this program, you will add skills and knowledge in:
Consecutive Interpreting
Simultaneous Interpreting
Sight Translation
Phone and Video Modalities for Interpreting
Professional Standards of Practice
Interpreter’s Role, Boundaries and Responsibilities Managing Accuracy and Completeness
General, Regulatory and Legal Requirements
Code of Ethics
Vocabulary and Structure of Language
Accent Reduction
Cross cultural Communication
Overview of Professional Specializations

About the Instructor

Mrs. Rosalinda Estrada has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Interpreting from Saint Paul College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota.

She is an active member of RID, MRID, Mano-a-Mano, ATA, Council de Mano, NCIEC, and is a freelance interpreter and educator. Her professional experience includes working for five years in a K-12 setting in a bi-bi program with ASL and Cued Speech, working as a Staff interpreter at the University of Minnesota as well as a Video Remote Interpreter.

She’s also been working as a trilingual interpreter for medical and educational settings since 2008, as well as a Theater and Concert Interpreter since 2009. She has provided her services at events such as ComiCon and Convergence since 2010, and has been Co-Head of the  ConVergence ASL department since 2015.

Program Cost

The cost per participant is $650.00 per person. The participant gets fully registered with a 50% down payment, followed by four (4) easy payments. Corporations pay $6,500, the total price for a minimum of 10 participants.

A promotional price of $425.00 is available for the first 15 students that register for our winter program. 


5 sessions of two hours each. 



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