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Incorporated June 16, 2000, in the state of Minnesota, Dialog One, LLC began by providing professional translation and interpretation services in over 200 + languages.  We bring over 100 years of combined experience in managing translation projects in the medical, legal, human services, public schools, contact centers, IT professionals, and other sectors. Our focus has been to translate and interpret the social and technical aspects of these conversations.

Dialog One’s commitment to people with limited English and professional service providers in the health, legal, and human services professions is second to none.

Our Name

“Dialog” comes from the Greek word dialogos. Dia- means through and logos means word or speech.  One refers to the notion of many in body and one in mind, the oneness of humanity.  Our name drives our daily interactions and we are proud to keep dialog alive in the world.

Dialog One’s Mission, Vision, and Values are not just words on a page but a driving force that propels us beyond the realm of a typical language service provider. We are on a mission to empower individuals and organizations, enabling them to communicate effectively with those who face barriers due to disabilities or spoken language differences in their country of residence. Our work is not just about language. It’s about breaking down barriers and giving a voice to the voiceless communities.

OUR Mission

We dedicate our careers to enabling every voice to be heard and understood, and we commit our lives to protecting and empowering others through communication.

OUR vision

We envision a world where profound listening creates a space for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, to be heard. We believe in the power of clear and precise communication to honor and uplift those in need, and we invite you to be a part of this inclusive vision.



We align our words with our actions, building trust and reliability in every interaction.


We hold ourselves accountable for meeting and exceeding our work and customer expectations.


It’s our honor and privilege to serve and make a meaningful impact by enhancing connectivity and interaction through dialogue.



There are many capable service providers, we can all get the work done, one way or the other. That’s where the difference is, in how the work gets delivered to you and your customers. What truly sets Dialog One apart is that we love what we do and enjoy being of service to others.  As a result, we are leaders in the industry.
1. Quality and Accuracy: We prioritize delivering high-quality translations and interpretations by employing experienced linguists and subject matter experts who pay meticulous attention to detail, resulting in flawless and reliable language services.
2. Customized Solutions: We understand that each client, venue, and budget is unique. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored services that effectively meet your needs, whether it’s for a large conference or a small business meeting.
3. Comprehensive Project Evaluation: We go beyond completing projects and believe in evaluating each one from start to finish to ensure overall success. Through close collaboration, regular updates, and addressing your concerns and feedback, we ensure a thorough project evaluation.
4. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We aim to build long-term partnerships by providing excellent customer service. Our responsive and friendly team is always available to address your queries, provide support, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.
5. Cultural Competence: We recognize the importance of cultural sensitivity in language services. Our linguists are highly skilled in their languages and possess deep cultural knowledge, enabling accurate conveyance of nuances and effective communication across cultural boundaries.
6. Cutting-Edge Technology: We leverage technology to enhance our services. Our team stays updated with the latest translation and interpretation tools, enabling us to streamline processes, improve turnaround times, and maintain consistency in our deliverables.
7. Confidentiality and Security: We value the sensitivity of the information entrusted to us. Dialog One adheres to strict confidentiality protocols and implements robust security measures to safeguard your data. You can trust us to handle your projects with professionalism and discretion.

As globalization increases, and the use of multiple languages rises, so does the potential for misunderstanding and miscommunication. Savvy business and governmental professionals recognize the need to successfully navigate through these linguistic and cultural hurdles. Dialog One’s mission is to provide solutions that bridge linguistic and cultural barriers among service providers and their limited English- speaking clients. We provide our complete suite of services to governmental agencies, corporations, and consumers who are turned away for not speaking the English language. Our solutions allow everyone to interact and transact business 24/7/365 in over 200 languages. We guarantee our comprehensive DOVI suite enables meaningful dialog in the pursuit of “One” global community.

We are a committed and passionate network of business leaders for the practical utilization of professional translators, interpreters, and cultural mediators. We partner with leaders from corporate businesses, non-profit and government to provide impactful global language communication that forwards the intent of your conversations.

Innovative, expeditious and precise world language solution


Creative use of technology for
worldwide communication.


Fast and efficient providing
the right people for your project.


Accurate translation
and interpretation support,
nothing added or withheld


Dialog One ensures an accredited native-language speaker to capture exactly what is said, accurately and within context.



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