Incorporated June 16, 2000, in the state of Minnesota, Dialog One, LLC began by providing professional translation and interpretation services in over 200 + languages. We bring over 100 years of combined experience in managing translation projects in the medical, legal, human services, public schools, contact centers, IT professionals, and other sectors. Our focus has been to translate and interpret the social and technical aspects of these conversations.

For people with limited English and support professional service providers in the health, legal, and human services professions helped position his company for what it is today.

OUR Mission

We are a language service provider whose mission is to empower people and organizations to communicate effectively with those who speak a different language.

OUR vision

Our vision is that all people are listened to, valued and honored through clear and precise communication.


Honoring each other and being related and intentional with our words and actions.

Being at the source of our work and the expectation of our customers.

The profound honor and privilege of being of service to others.


“Dialog” comes from the Greek word dialogs, an exchange of ideas to create the circle of “Oneness” for any conversation.  conveyed his philosophical discussions with Socrates in a series of works we now  to as the Dialogues of Plato. The philosophers considered

meaningful dialog to be an ideal and not easily attained. They understood that dialog requires to be communicated in clearly understandable language. It is often said that “dialog” is the “glue” or “cement” in language that holds people and societies together as “One” community. Today our multi-cultural society relies on the Internet, cell phones, video, and AI technology as our primary lines of communication. Historically, meaningful dialog occurred whenever people used a common language to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Numbers are the symbolic language of ancient angels. When you see the “One” in our name, you relate to angels of unity for all things.
Being number “One” has its responsibilities. It requires us to operate with character and position ourselves with integrity to be someone of humble significance. It does not copy or imitate anyone! It is the source for its victories and defeats, much like the leaders of our company who have taken innovation and pioneering seriously no matter what the outcome. The word One is full of energy and motivation. It communicates to create possibilities that you can’t find anywhere else. One represents Dialog. Otherwise, it is just two monologues. Dialog One creates opportunities for everyone, as our leadership has done for global language communication for almost three decades.  Are we the One? You get to say.

As globalization increases, and the use of multiple languages rises, so does the potential for misunderstanding and miscommunication. Savvy business and governmental professionals recognize the need to successfully navigate through these linguistic and cultural hurdles. Dialog One’s mission is to provide solutions that bridge linguistic and cultural barriers among service providers and their limited English- speaking clients. We provide our complete suite of services to governmental agencies, corporations, and consumers who are turned away for not speaking the English language. Our solutions allow everyone to interact and transact business 24/7/365 in over 200 languages. We guarantee our comprehensive DOVI suite enables meaningful dialog in the pursuit of “One” global community.

We are a committed and passionate network of business leaders for the practical utilization of professional translators, interpreters, and cultural mediators. We partner with leaders from corporate businesses, non-profit, government to provide impactful global language communication that forwards the intent of your conversations.


Innovative, expeditious and precise world language solution


Creative use of technology for
worldwide communication.


Fast and efficient providing
the right people for your project.


Accurate translation
and interpretation support,
nothing added or withheld


Dialog One ensures an accredited native-language speaker to capture exactly what is said, accurately and within context. Automatic interpretation is limited in both vocabulary and cultural context and does not replace human interpreters in diplomatic, medical, legal, and business conversations throughout the world; in some settings, live cultural mediation can mean the difference between life and death.



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