Ventura Castillo

As an active interpreter with over 20 years servicing the health care profession, Mr. Castillo brings valuable hands-on experience from a wide variety of health settings. He considers himself a promoter of collective intelligence and sees sharing his knowledge and experience as an opportunity to also learn from his peers. His approach promotes inclusiveness through acceptance and tolerance, setting the tone for the openness necessary for effective communication between multicultural individuals. ​

Throughout his career, Mr. Castillo has interpreted for various industries including but not limited to medical, insurance, inance, social services, utilities companies, IT and tech support, 911 emergency services and others. His management experience in the interpreting field includes working as a language recruiter, call center trainer for new hires and quality assurance specialist, managing performance of large teams of OPI/VRI interpreters.

He is certified as a Medical Interpreter (CMI) through the US National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, holds a Bachelor degree in computer engineering and a Master’s Degree in Linguistics.

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