Dr. Jamal Adam

Dr. Jamal Adam was born and raised in Somalia. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he has been based for the last ten years. He lived in Kenya as a refugee for six years prior to his arrival in the United States. Jamal has Bachelors in Science in Social Science and Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Educational Administration and

Dr. Adam has worked variety of institutions been working for numerous higher education institutions and universities as well as other organizations for over 20 years as an academic dean, counselor, lecturer and researcher.

He has presented at several conferences on education, healthcare, intercultural communication, and experiences of immigrant communities to educators and service providers. Additionally, Dr. Adam has been serving on the board of directors of several community-based organizations.

Dr. Adam has been with Dialog One providing consulting services including document translation and interpretation services for 20 years. Dialog One, with its mission of creating an environment “Where Everyone is Heard,” and its founder, Roberto Fonts, has been committed to advancing the cause of inclusion and empowering of marginalized communities.


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