You will be required to have a valid credit card on file before you could use the service. If you go under the $10.00 threshold you will be billed for the overage. 

The plan you choose for your account doesn’t always have to be permanent. You can increase your plan to any desired amount. If you need to reduce your DOVI consumer plan just go to your account settings-> Billing -> Update Plan.

Keep in mind that when you downgrade to a lower plan, certain features and pricing may become unavailable.

MUV stands for Monthly Unique Visitor. A monthly unique visitor is an individual user who visits/accesses our services within a period of 30-days.

MUV stands for Monthly Unique Visitor. A monthly unique visitor is an individual user who accesses your site within a 30-day window. For any of the monthly plan, there is a hard limit of $10.00 usage threshold. For corporate DOVI accounts, you will not be limited to any amounts of usage since your payments are scheduled to be performed every 30 days. If you choose to have a monthly limit in your MUV, your account will be charged overages at the agreed per minute rate established in the service agreement.

The account administrator can change card and payment information anytime by going to Settings -> Billing -> Update Card.


Yes, we offer interpreters who have been vetted and provide accurate and complete interpretation service for conversations within the medical, legal and other business professions. Our interpreter vetting process is done in-house to ensure that the interpreters we hire have professional level language skills in both languages. Our accredited professionals have completed a minimum of 40 hours of academic training and perform under the standards of practice and code of ethics established by the American Translators Association.

The minimum qualifications for our interpreters are:

  • 100 hour of practical experience as a community interpreter
  • 21 years of age 
  • Two years of post-secondary education
  • Linguistically proficient in all languages, including listening and cultural communication skills
  • High level of integrity, compassionate and respectful towards others

Dialog One Translation offers a full-service in over 150 languages.  The most common use is between English and another language.   We can also provide interpreters between languages other than English, for example German ↔ Spanish or Somali ↔ Arabic.  We have over 30 languages available immediately (on-demand) through our phone app or via your computer.  Sessions with rarer languages may need to be scheduled in advance.

Our program requires maintaining a balance in your account to cover the interpretation services. The minimum amount to get started is $30.  More frequent users may want to open their account with a $60 or $120 payment.  The rate for all language is $2.00 per minute.  Higher rates may apply for some exotic languages and dialects.   Payments to Dialog One are made through valid major credit cards.

It’s as easy as selecting the language and pressing a button.  All you need to do is download the app to your phone or tablet, or you may log in to your account via a browser on your laptop or desktop computer and start using the service.  It is that simple.

Dialog One Translations provides our customers with a dashboard that summarizes their orders and activity through a secure login to our database.  From this page you can schedule interpreters, order document translations, and monitor the status of your orders.  You can access the platform to manage your activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

If you are a subscriber to our services, you can request on-demand over-the-phone or video remote interpreters any time during and after business hours.  In person interpreters or phone or video interpreters for rarer languages may require 24 hours advance notice.  Rush orders (those needed with less than 24 hours’ notice) for scheduled services will be charged an additional 25%.  Dialog One can provide interpreter services 24 hours 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.

Yes.  All you need is to connect to the App installed on your phone, tablet or computer browser and select the desired service icon for either an interpreter over the phone or video remote.  Make sure to secure the interpreter prior to conferencing the call with your 3rd party caller. 

The online self-serve system allows customers to cancel scheduled sessions before the job gets assigned to the interpreter.  Once an interpreter has been assigned, you may call our customer service to cancel or reschedule.   If you choose to cancel an interpreter service less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, we will bill you for the minimum required for that job assignment.

Yes, we provide in person interpreters for situations where your needs are better served by having an interpreter physically present for the conversation.  Orders for on-site interpreters can be placed from your Dialog One account dashboard

Yes, Dialog One has worked with USCIS for many years providing interpreter services for thousands of cases during our 20 years in business. We follow the direct guidelines and requirements set for USCIS translations and interpretation services. For further information on our credentials as language service providers, please contact our office.

Dialog One offers interpreter services in person, by video remote, and over the phone to ensure the success of the conversation with government officials. We found that by having a qualified, neutral interpreter in the meeting with you in any of the above modalities can streamline and clarify the conversation.

Dialog One Virtual Interpreter (DOVI) is a prepaid interpreter app that gives you access to on-demand live qualified interpreters either over the phone or by video remote. 

The service is priced per minute.  You only pay for the minutes you use. The average price is $ 2.00 per minute, depending on language and times of day.  Our service is prepaid and you can maintain a balance in your account appropriate to your needs.

An interpreter makes communication with limited English speaking clients easier and your communication is more accurate.  Interpreters can save you time and money, especially when clarity is a necessity. 

DOVI service has thousands of interpreters to support your needs.  Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our DOVI service is available in over 150 languages and dialects. We specialize in exotic languages.

We can provide interpreters with expertise in the medical, legal, and technical areas.

Over the phone interpreters (OPI) service are handy when you need to communicate briefly with people whose English-speaking abilities are limited.  It could be the person walking into your office or someone on a phone conference with you.  For these situations, you can have an on-demand interpreter to assist you in your communication.

Our interpreters follow strict confidentiality guidelines, including HIPPA.  If your client is in your office, a speakerphone is ideal for including all the participants. If the conversation is via phone, use the conference feature on your phone to bring in the interpreter. If  privacy is critical, using headsets will ensure that unauthorized persons cannot listen in.

A video remote interpreter is the better option when you want to capture the body language as well as the spoken language in a conversation.  Video remote interpreting unifies communication by allowing individuals to experience the added visual context for those conversations. DOVI creates significant cost saving opportunities over on-site interpreters by eliminating travel time and the 2-hour minimums service requirement.


We offer a flat rate to provide you with a translation of any official one or two page document such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, and so on.  Most of these will be under our 250 word maximum.  We will provide a formatted translation of the original plus a Certificate of Translation to go with it.  The Dialog One certificate translation fee includes the translation, proofreading, final review and the Certificate of Translation.  100% money back guarantee!

Your translation is certified by Dialog One to be consistent with the original document, accurate, and complete.  The work is done by a translator who meets our professional standards and who has done the work in accordance with Dialog One procedures and guidelines.  To signify this, we provide a Certificate of Translation to go along with your completed document.  This certificate is signed by an authorized officer of Dialog One and that signature is notarized.  The translated documents along with the certificate of translation are stamped with the Dialog One’s corporate seal to further authenticate the original and translated documents when presented to government officials. 

Dialog One offers translation services in over 150 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and many other language combinations, including dialects.   The fee for a certificate translation will vary with the language, rarer languages costing a bit more than those more frequently used.

Dialog One Translation usually takes 24 hours or less to complete 1-2 page projects.  If your translation requirements are more immediate, please contact our customer service and we will strive to get you your translation as soon as you need it.  For rush jobs, charge a 25% premium over our regular rate.

There are multiple options to receive your translation. You may: Download or receive via email your digital translated document the same day (Free of charge) Standard Mail usually delivers in 1-3 business days though in some cases it may take longer Priority Mail delivers in 1-3 business days via the US Postal Service Overnight Mail, guaranteed next day delivery to your door, including weekends and holidays

Your original document remains in your possession.  Dialog One works from a scanned electronic copy.  In case you lose the translation, you can download a copy or contact us and we can get you another copy.  Our digital archives remain available for five years after the job is complete

The cost for single certificate translation ranges from $65 to $85 per page (equal to 250 words) depending on the language(s) involved.  Additional charges may apply for longer documents, those requiring special formatting, and shipping costs for expedited delivery.  Payments to Dialog One are made in advance by credit card.  If our review of your submitted document shows any unusual characteristics which would require additional charges, we will contact you for approval before proceeding.

The online self-serve system allows customers to cancel translation service requests before the job gets assigned to the translator. If the customer chooses to stop a certificate of translation order after work has begun, we will issue a pro-rated refund.  Because we will start your project as quickly as possible after you submit it.  The window for cancellation is fairly short.

All you need is to take a picture of your document or scan it to get it into an electronic format, and submit the resulting file to us in your order.  Make sure you center your phone camera on the page to capture all the ink marks, and include all the necessary pages, including the back side if there is necessary information there.

Yes, Dialog One has worked with USCIS for many years and has provided certificates of translation for thousands of documents during our two decades in business.  We follow the direct guidelines and requirements set for USCIS translations and interpretation services.  For further information on our credentials as language service providers, please contact our office.

Yes, as long as the source document has some valid government stamp, seal, or signature from the civil registry office that provided the source document.

In addition to translating your document, Dialog One offers interpreter services in person, via video, and over the phone to ensure the success of your conversation with government officials. We have found that by having a live, qualified, neutral interpreter in the meeting you can streamline the conversation between all parties involved.

In registering with Dialog One you create a unique login and password.  When you log in to the Dialog One site, you will be able to monitor the status of your orders.  This portal also gives you access to download your translated projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Certificate Translation is an easy to use individual consumer translation service for short legal certificates and important documents such as marriage or birth certificates. Often, certified translations are needed quickly.  We provide fast turn-around and a Certificate of Translation to verify the accuracy and traceability of your translation.

To translate your birth certificate, license, or other document, you create an account on our site,  upload your document, and make payment.  You can upload the document by taking a photograph or scanning it. Most orders will be completed and back to you within one business day.

We offer a fixed rate for Certificates.  These are documents with fewer than 300 words and are contained in a single file. The Certificate Translation service is a fixed price based on the language(s) involved.  If you have longer, more complex documents to translate, our regular document translation service is always available.


In-person interpreters are ideal for smooth person-to-person communication because, by being physically present, it allows them to capture the full context of the conversation. The participants’ body language, facial expression, and cultural context can all be taken into account for facilitating conversations. 

Having the interpreter on-site will be a costlier option because of scheduling, travel times, and a minimum time for the session.  Pricing will vary based on the language needed and any specialized skill sets required. 

In addition to the language required, our pricing takes into account the rural or metro area locations where the service is going to be provided.  In some locations it is more difficult to deliver certain languages.  Our average minimum for onsite visits is 2 hours with additional time billed in 15-minutes increments.

Availability of in-person interpreters is possible in most US metropolitan areas and we make our interpreters available days, nights, weekends, and on national holidays as necessary. We usually require 24 hours advance notice for ordering an on-site interpreter. Depending on the location and language, it may take us longer to provide an interpreter to meet your needs, so giving us as much advance notice as soon as possible will ensure the process goes smoothly.


A call center agent is a professional company with the capacity to take in and handle all types of customer support, inbound sales, customer surveys or back office processing applications. The agency’s well-trained agents answer the phone, emails or messages based on the training and the script your company provides our agents. Furthermore, most clients will never know you have hired an outside partner to support you. Dialog One offers a great way to minimize fixed costs, increase sales productivity, and maximize productivity.

Yes – we do own our call center technology and bring qualified agents from around the world to support your projects whenever needed. Dialog’s cloud base call center technology allows us to bring bilingual agents from around the world at a reasonable cost. Our call center consultants will analyze the project and create the best course of action for the project. We work toward developing a long-lasting relationship between all parties.

We work with a wide variety of projects and languages and professional call center agencies. We range from customer satisfaction survey, class action lawsuits, lead generation, order taking, product eligibility/verification and more. Dialog One’s call centers project partners tend to be mid-sized companies that have been in business for at least 5 + years ranging from 30 to 1,500 seats.

The advantages of working with Dialog One are as follows:
Integrity – Dialog One’s relationship to “integrity” is the foundation of the business operating from integrity for us it gets represented by the way we manage our day to day business rather than any type of morality that focuses on trying on doing the right things but it misses the target. We bring workability to every aspect of our business. We start with our agents, telecom vendor, internet services providers, software developers, project managers, computer hardware, colocations, firewalls, PC working under an operating system with virus-free networks and protected from a hacker attack, working stations operating with Microsoft Windows 10 or higher with up to date virus protection. Call Center management policies that support agents to follow protocol.