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Our Specializations

Dialog One’s cultural mediators and language experts can provide you with multilingual communication 24 hours a day in over 200 languages for all your specialities.

Small Business

Small businesses can now access personal professional translations and interpretation


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Legal Services

Written translations at a reasonable rate per word.

Travel & Lodge

Live over the phone & video interpreters for your trips.

Healthcare Services

Appropriate language services to healthcare practitioners for their diverse of patients.

Human Services

We are here to support you to communicate with LEP people.

Leading organizations around the world trust Dialog one

Why choose Dialog One?

Why choose Dialog One?


Our fees are competitively priced so you get optimum value for each of the services we provide.


We deliver translation and interpretation services using the most current technology, making sure it is compatible with and tailored to your needs.


Our document translations have prompt turnaround times and all our interpreter services are virtually offered 24/7 for your convenience.


Our professionals are fluent native speakers of target languages and experienced in a wide range of subject matter. We meet national and international standards for specialized fields such as medical, legal, technical, marketing and more.


Our approach is customer-focused. We are committed to cultural sensitivity in delivering services, accommodating your needs on your schedule, whether per project or ongoing, on demand or scheduled.

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