offers over the phone and video remoteaccess to interpreter services.

Phone and Video Interpreters

Dialog One will proofread and review your 3rd party translated documents against any reference materials and guidelines you provide before we start the project. We make notes of questions relating to illegible text, terminology issues, problems or inconsistencies within the source words documents or with glossaries or background materials. We will then forward all our questions to you, through a secure email, to expedite your project management responsibilities.

We will review the source word documents and translations side by side focusing on accuracy, completeness, and consistency. We make sure no text in the source document is omitted in the translation process. Our Editors checks for consistency of use of language, appropriateness of tone and style. The process is always referencing to any background materials/glossaries the customer provides.


We will read the translated text as if it is initially written in the target language. We pay particular attention to style, syntax, tone, and register. We ask ourselves, is the document culturally appropriate for the target audience? Do any terms or phrases sound like the translation? We then spell check for errors missed by the electronic spell checker.

Dialog One and its partners are ready to take on those 40 million international travelers and vacationers coming in and going from and into the United States every year. Also, we’ll be supporting the 45 million small businesses in the United States, such as Lawyers, Doctors, Ambulatory Services, Chiropractors, Home Visiting Nurses, Dentists, Emergency Response, Police Officers, Security Guards, Investigators, Teachers, Realtors, Insurance Brokers, Social Workers, Business Marketers, and many others.

If you want to communicate with an over the phone and video remote interpreters right now you have come to the right place. DOVI (spell out) offers its services to small businesses with the confidence of accessing the interpreters on demand or schedule in over 150 languages 24 hours 7 days a week. On-demand video remote interpreters are available from English to restricted number of languages. All other English language pairs may be possible on a scheduled basis.

Dialog One allows you to serve ALL of your customers seamlessly with onsite or remote bilingual agents in the specific languages you need to provide your organization with excellent opportunities in: 

  • Technical Support
  • Appointment Setting
  • Order Processing
  • FAQ
  • Plus More!


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