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Bridging communication via language

When you partner with Dialog One, you have access to over 3,000 accredited native translators and multilingual industry-specific professionals. Dialog One’s cultural and language experts provide interpretation/translation services 24 hours a day for over 200 languages. 

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What we offer

Document Translation

Efficient, accurate large document translation. Native speakers, editing, proofreading included. Fast delivery.

Certified Translation

Order with your source text (max 200 words) for same-day professional translation delivery. Quick and efficient!


Meticulous review and editing of your documents, ensuring that they are free from grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies.

On-demand Phone and Video Interpreters

Our hours-of-service operation for on-demand over the phone interpretation is 24 hours 7 days a week and accessible from landline phones, computer browsers or through our mobile App.


We support pre-schedule in-person interpreters for those professionals whose preference is to interact with face-to-face interpreters. The service is much higher in cost and is available only during regular business hours.


We support scheduled web-conference platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, Microsoft Meet and many other 3rds party web-conference platforms.


Dialog One's Approach

We are a committed and passionate network of business leaders for the practical utilization of professional translators, interpreters, and cultural mediators. We partner with leaders from corporate businesses, non-profits, and governments to provide impactful global language communication that forwards the intent of your conversations.

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We are a language service provider whose mission is to empower people and organizations to communicate effectively with those who speak a different language.

Clients' Testimonials

mee xiong

I was skeptical at first but Roberto was the one who helped me when this was my first time utilizing translation/interpreter services. He worked so hard to make sure I felt reassured, comfortable, and at ease. He is such a hard working person, no matter how many calls it took or how long, he was there to help me. He made me feel that my event was important to him also. Definitely will use their services again if I need an interpreter. Roberto is such a star employee !

Mary Irish

Our non-profit was having a conference in Minneapolis and for the first time, we were going to have a Spanish, simultaneous translation. I contacted Dialog One, and Roberto helped me understand the entire process of what is needed, what to expect, what to plan for. He went so far as to talk to our facilitator and make sure they understood what would be best to have a good experience with this process. I contacted several companies in Minneapolis, and Dialog One was the only one to provide great customer service - they called back promptly, walked me through the process of registering, provided great information, and a contract that met our needs. I highly recommend Dialog One.

Juan Valdez

Roberto was suuuuuuper helpful, he walked me through the process of requesting an interpreter, not only did he walk me through, he helped me twice since the first account didn’t go through due to technical problems. Doing that takes some real dedication to meet the needs of a client. Also very good communication, Roberto was on top of things to make sure my interpreter was at our meeting and on time. I definitely recommend this fantastic service!!!

Maria Garcia

I had the opportunity to work with Dialog One as an interpreter on multiple occasions. Since the first tume, I had a great experience working for them. They are very professional, all assignments are scheduled in advance, they always send reminders with all the necessary information and they always send the payments on time. I worked with Sixela many times, she’s professional, respectful, polite and always friendly. I wish I could work with them more often.

Nancy Bolin

We have used Dialog One for at least 7 years if not more. From my recollection, everything was timely and correct. They arrived for translation appointments on time and were accurate. They are always looking for ways to improve the service they provide.

Dean Westad

I am a case manager for worker's compensation in MN and WI. I recently used Dialog One's services to do an intake interview with an Ethiopian woman who spoke limited english. Dialog One was very helpful and accommodating in setting up the interpreter and the female interpreter was punctual, friendly and very professional in helping me through this interview. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of language services as they are helpful , courteous, very professional and all done at a very reasonable price. Five stars with no reservation!



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