Negotiating a B2B International Transaction

Negotiating a business to business (B2B) transaction internationally has become muchsimpler with the advent of the Internet and its new technologies. File sharing allows for easy transfer of files, online banking allows for secure financial transactions, and Skype allows for face-to-face negotiations with traders from other countries.

Through it all there is still a need for good business translators and interpreters. Because documents are physical records of a transaction, and written contracts are binding in any country's court of law, so all documents need to be mutually understood,agreed upon, and accurately written. There is no room for language discrepancies in foreign B2B transactions.

This includes financial documents, which create havoc if they end up wrong. Internet currency conversion software serves to make the financial exchange accurate, while good business translators serve to make sure that both parties are in agreement about what is being paid for and when. Secure banking sites then provide accurate transfer of funds when the time is right.

Perhaps the most delicate and lengthy part of any negotiation process, however, is in the beginning, when trading partners are first meeting each other and discussing what is needed. Some of the interactions will be via email or text messaging, but the serious stuff needs to be talked over verbally, face to face. That's where trust is built.

Where it used to be that trading partners had to meet in person in one country or the other, now Skype and related technologies enable face-to-face discussions online. Our business interpreters can help with relaying the intent of each party in any one of 150 languages at any time of day or night that's best for meeting. (Translators are also available for email and text messages 24/7.)

Dialog One's interpreters and translators are native and/or accredited speakers. We match you up with those who understand whatever business function is being discussed, and also provide built-in checkpoints to ensure high quality, accurate translations. From now one, whenever you need business translations of documents or interpretation services for face- to-face communications, be sure to check with us.


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